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On our website you will find a detailed explanation of how to purchase goods on kraken, a list of possible methods of searching for a particular product, as well as payment options.

If you do not have your own personal account on the Kraken Onion website, then first of all you need to create one. We go to the website b4su4qo65fkefg3cpd5muxwekbn4vx6fr7ieroavxqwco2xrqmrrwlad.onion and get to the page with the captcha that you need to go through.

Some rules to open kakren onion

If you successfully pass the robot test, the kramp cc onion site will open directly to you. On the right, at the top of the page, you will see two buttons "Log in" and "Register". If you already have an account, click on "Login" and enter your username/ password in the window that opens. If there is no account, click "Register". Next, come up with a login, display name and password, enter it in the free field.

After the required data is entered, click the register button and confirm the rules for using the kraken. The next step is to choose your country and city so that Kramp Onion can find suitable stores.Congratulations! Your registration has been successfully completed. Now you can start buying the product. In the categories menu located at the top left of the main page, select the product category.When KRAMP.CC selects a list of products that meet your requirements, choose one of them and go to the page. Here you can find detailed information about the product, get information about the store and contact the seller. Also. The page contains reviews of those who previously bought the same product. If you are ready to purchase the product, click the "Buy" button.